VICE AND VICTORY: The Story of a Sustained Right Wing Smear Job - Part III


Bill Looman, self-styled head of the North Georgia Militia, had secured his hold on a tract of real estate that he and his fellow racist goosesteppers would use to house and train their soldiers in the revolution against America's elected government.

Not all the landowners were happy with this reality and Looman apparently did everything in his power to make their lives miserable.

Part 3: Looman gets his militia

Bill Schmalfeldt, Baltimore Liberal Examiner

November 26, 2011

It's everything an overgrown child with a taste for guns and a hatred for Muslims could want. With complete control of the Beaver Run subdivision in Harlanson Country, Ga., in his grasp, Bill Loomis, the man who said he would do no hiring until Obama was out of office -- telling a left-wing activist that he refused to hire anyone while there was a Muslim in the White House before shape-shifting into the "poor dumb southern guy" schtick saying he'd love to hire people but just can't cuz that mean old Obammer and his policies are keepin' him down -- has, it would seem, what every Obama-hating, Islamophobe could want.

Except, perhaps, for a bit of courage?

After God knows how many attempts to get Mr. Looman to respond to my requests for an interview, I finally got an e-mail from him tonight saying...

Thank you for the invite but I am a little busy. I have gotten some feedback that you are having some success with your stories on me. When I get time, after conducting a few live interviews, I will try and get in touch. Have a good evening sir.
Bill Looman

He did find time to call James Neal, the man who operates the quintessential BRLOA protest website, "a bitter man," suggesting that I talk to other people in the neighborhood and in the county. I assured him I had, and he suggested he would be back in touch when he has the time. I told him I would send him a list of written questions, and that while as a former Navy corpsman serving with Marines I respected his service, my questions will not be the softballs he's been getting so far. I told him, "Strap on your Kevlar and put on your big boy pants."

No doubt, Looman feels safe and secure in his North Georgia compound, self appointed president of the Beaver Run Landowner Association, a board of directors packed with fellow North Georgia Militia members. Board member David Fry, board member Tom Glover, board member Beth Glover, all members of the North Georgia militia, whose faces were scrubbed from the militia's facebook page after Looman was "visited" by the U.S. Secret Service following the aborted raid on the Madisonville, Tenn., courthouse.

It's heaven for militia folk, even though the non-militia members find conditions less than favorable. 

Neal tells of the time when board member and Militia Man David Fry used a back hoe to dig out the end of Neal's driveway, leaving Neal with no way to get out of his driveway.

Then came the campaign to rid the subdivision of "undesirables." One such was Billy Burger. He related his tale in an e-mail.

Me and my girlfriend had been buying some property from U.S. properties. After coming very close to paying the lots off Mr. Bill Looman, Bonnie and Bill Frith of U.S. properties started harassing people in the subdivision and trying to evict them from their properties. They used questionable contracts which they said made people renters instead of landowners until their lots were totally paid off, Even after paying off lots they wanted to use expired restrictive covenants to try to harass people and try to take their land from them. Bill filed a false police report against me accusing me of threating (sp) him, because I waved at him on the road one day. (Thus is a common thing people do around here). Bill seemed to take my friendly gesture as a threat. He also made false accusation against me accusing me of manufacturing drugs on my property. Of course this was obviously another attempt to manufacture something against me so that they could take my property without repaying the equity I had in it. I finally settled out of court with them and got most of my money back, lucky me, since I know that quite a few others were not as lucky as I was because they did not fight them in court. Although I loved my land there and would have preferred to keep it, I count myself very lucky to have gotten away when I did and with most of what I had invested. According to friends that still live there, things have continued to get worse with Bill Looman now in charge. Seems they have formed some type of militia and are trying to intimidate the peaceful people in that community and continue taking property from whomever Bill Looman decides he does not like.

Looman will probably call Burger a "bitter man" as well. Just like in his hateful rant on his Facebook fan page, he called the President of the United States, "A MARXIST/ISLAMIC TOOL TO TEAR APART OUR ONCE GREAT NATION."

I don't know what Mr. Looman is talking about. As far as myself and millions of other countrymen, America continues to be a great nation. It's our diversity that makes us great. It's the fear and bigotry and hatred and narrow-mindedness and cowardice of the small, small men like those in the North Georgia Militia that threatens the greatness of America.

Looman and his buddies may have been able to take over a small part of northeast Georgia to wave confederate flags and shoot at pretend Muslims and march around like little pretend soldiers who feign braveness but cut and run at the first sign of danger. His conquest of the Beaver Run Landowner Association appears to be unchallenged, except by the brave people who spoke up for this series of reports.

It will take every drop of vigilance we have as Americans to make sure that Bill Looman and his kind are NEVER able to accomplish what they did on 472 acres of dry, north Georgia dirt.


Next, the coverage of the North Georgia Militia leads to a reader tip alerting me to a puerile group of conservative vandals hell bent on at least pretending to disrupt the petition process in the attempted recall of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. Meet OPERATION BURN NOTICE in our next installment.


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