VICE AND VICTORY: The Story of a Sustained Right Wing Smear Job - Part II

In this blog, I will do my best to explain the rationale and the series of events that led to the sustained right wing attack on my reputation. Everything is linked to its original source as we trace the timeline from when I began writing about a local Northwest Georgia Militia Warlord's ascension to power in a rural community, through the ludicrous attempt by a gang of political arsonists calling themselves "Operation Burn Notice" to steal money from a legitimate "Occupy Madison" website, through the exposure of a conservative blogger club's attempt to defraud the IRS in an attempt to destroy an ex-con turned social justice activist.


In Part I, you read about how a Georgia landowner turned control of a tract of real estate over to a would-be right wing militia warlord: Bill Looman. In this installment, reporting from 2011 reveals Looman's reign of terror.

Part 2: Bill Looman takes charge of
Beaver Run Landowner Association
Bill Schmalfeldt, Baltimore Liberal Examiner

November 26, 2011

If you look at the official Beaver Run Landowner Association website, you will see what looks like a friendly place run by nice people. No threats to burn people out of their homes. No threats to call the cops and make sure drugs are found on your person or property. No warnings about having the local authorities in your back pocket. And not one mention about the North Georgia Militia and the members of the Board of Directors who are either militia members or affiliated with it.

It is, however, just about the only place you can find Bill Looman these days. Since the Examiner led the way in exposing Looman as telling less-than-the truth for telling an Atlanta TV station that he'd love to hire EVERYBODY but he just can't because of Obama's policies when earlier in the day he told a member of Americans Against the Tea Party that he would start hiring as soon as there was no longer a Muslim in the White House, he's been a hard man to pin down for an interview.

Never mind that he posted an anti-Obama, anti-Islamic survivalist rant on his Facebook page.

Never mind that he took part in an aborted raid on a Madisonville, Tenn., courthouse that he and his fellow militia cowards ran away from when he saw the heavy presence of police.

Never mind that he has openly called for Obama's death on his Facebook page.
 About this capture
Jim Frith saw an angry man in need of some testeosterone recharging. He put Bill Looman in charge of the Beaver Run subdivision.

Looman actually took over in a dark of the night, unannounced election, according to James Neal, who runs the incredibly well-documented BRLOA protest website. A notice was posted at the bridge in the subdivision reading "Neighborhood meeting". The notice said nothing about an election of board members or an agenda.

Looman and a few of his hand-picked friends pretty much appointed themselves as "Board Members" and Looman took over the association as its president. My guess is that state laws were violated, but more to the point, every one of their own by-laws concerning elections and voting were broken. A good description of this move would be a "coup." According to his "proxy agreement," Looman is Frith's direct representative in this association. I don't think it's much of a stretch to say that Jim Frith once again hijacked our association.

Frith's next move blew through the development like a hot, humid, Georgia wind.


Frith's lawyer, Robert T. Monroe of the lawfirm McRae, Stegall, Peek, Harman, Smith and Manning, LLP with offices in Rome and Cedartown, Ga., tried to shake down the property owners for back dues to 2001. He threatened to take the property of anyone who did not pay.

However, according to Donna Sims, who agreed to serve as secretary for the group of revolutionaries who tried to free themselves from Firth's grip in 2001, when Monroe actually filed liens, he only for back dues from 2009 through 2011. Sims is of the opinion that Monroe intended to shake down frightened homeowners for as much as he could get before legal filings, during which he could only request that for which he could legally ask for.

Many of the properties in the subdivision were owned, but vacant. All of the black families who had property at Beaver Run were on the list of liens. Sims tells the story of one such African-American woman who lived in a property with her mother's name on the deed.

(Looman) never sent her a letter saying that she owed any money. He never even sent her a letter saying he had formed a new association here. She had no idea at all of any of it until I sent her the e-mail telling her there was a lien on her property. The liens they've places are all on lots belonging to people who do not live here and who were not aware that Looman and (Tom) Glover had formed this new association.

She suggested that the liens are an intimidation attempt by Looman and Monroe, since they're obviously aware that it's cheaper to just pay the back dues than it would be to hire a lawyer and fight them in court. She said that in her opinion, these leins amount to more than simple harassment.

"They're an attempt to seize property to enrich Bill Looman and (fellow board and North Georgia Militia member) Tom Glover and to have complete control of the majority of the property her to have their planned militia compound. Their plan is to have Monroe foreclose the leins without the owners ever knowing they were filed and to auction them off to each other."

Sims said, in her opinion, the lien filings against the black owners had more to do with money than race.

Every single black person who owns property here is on their list of liens. That doesn't necessarily mean they went specifically against black lot owners. It's just that none of the black owners live here. They were included in the first batch of liens Monroe filed.

Association members have asked to get an accounting of expenditures... what's being done with their yearly dues. "When I asked to see a printed accounting of their expenditures," Sims said, "they told me that they couldn't afford to print any accounting for anyone and that I could have my attorney request one. Looman's response to my last request was to post a photo of my house, taken back in 2003 when we had just begun building it. He claimed that it was still in the same shape as then and threatened to evict me for "restriction violations" for having a house smaller than the required square footage."

In other words, Sims said, it's just easier to do what Looman says, give Looman what he wants, and try to stay out of his way.

"We're a poor working class community here and Looman is aware that we can't afford to hire attorneys to represent us so, if anyone objects to anything, he simply threatens eviction of liens on our properties. He and his people are always armed and one of the board members has a criminal record for unlawful entry on several counts."

She further alleged that Looman has been known to burst into people's homes unannounced to make threats that he will make sure they are found to have drugs on their property if they complain.


Witness this e-mail sent to Neal, copied to Sims by someone whose identity we are redacting.

I've been tied up on the phone for two hours with (redacted) and her son and husband. Got the scoop from the people involved. (Redacted)'s son, (redacted), was riding his four wheeler in the subdivision and was nearing the bus driver's house when Bill Looman swerved his truck sideways in the road and blocked the road and got out and yelled at him and started cussing him about how little punks like him are the reason these roads are like they are and he's in charge of this subdivision and he's going to get rid of "you people" around here. He grabbed the kid's vehicle and demanded to know where he lived and who he was and threatened to call the sheriff's department and THE DRUG TASK FORCE if he didn't tell him who he was and where he lived. So, the kid took him to his house and (redacted) was sitting in his lounge chair in his underwear and he said he saw the boy coming up the driveway with lights behind him. He said that Looman slammed out of his truck and bounded up on his porch and stuck his head inside his screen door and yelled at him that he has some issues and for him to get out there right now. (Redacted) said that he said, something along the lines of what 's the problem and Looman told him that there was a meeting going on right now of the homeowners association and that he's on the verge of calling the sheriff and the drug task force over here because he's tired of "you people". (Redacted) said that Looman, after (redacted) asked who the fuck he was, put out his hand and said, I'm Bill Looman and I'm in charge of this neighborhood and I'm about to let the sheriff's dept. handle you people here. (Redacted) said he reached out to take Looman's hand and grabbed it really hard and pushed him back toward his steps and cussed him and told to never ever come back on his property again etc. Looman, according to (Redacted) who was just coming in, was going down the driveway sideways he was in such a hurry to get out of there and was making threats the entire way.

"The incidence of arson in this neighborhood is far higher than average, and the fire chief says that a personal friend of Looman's is the chief suspect," Sims said.

While there is no way to independently verify her claim, a "Google" search shows an inordinate number of fires reported at Beaver Run when compared to the rest of Haralson County.


In Part Three of this story, we'll show you how the politics of intimidation and packing the board of directors with fellow North Georgia Militia members gives Looman the weapons he needs to intimidate an entire neighborhood.

Follow along as the story develops, leading to my discovery of the so-called Operation Burn Notice would-be political arsonists and how my costing them a tasty little scam earned their eternal wrath.


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