VICE AND VICTORY: The Story of a Sustained Right Wing Smear Job - Part I


Anyone who has ever Googled my name realizes that I have been the target of a sustained right wing smear job. When asked about it by reasonable people, it's hard to explain why a small, cowardly group of reputation assassins would have fixated on me to the point where their serial lies have more sustained bandwidth online than any attempt of mine to counter the false narrative with the truth.

Over the next weeks and months, I will use this blog -- as well as recently recovered blog posts I've written over the years -- to attempt to explain my side of the story.

Compare what I've been writing since 2011 to the official right wing dogma. Decide for yourself who and what I am.

We start in late 2011. The nation still had competent leadership. Andrew Breitbart had just died. Long before I had ever heard of Brett Kimberlin, Aaron Walker, WJJ Hoge III or the anonymous cowards who swirl the drain of human decency,

I had been working as a freelance investigative reporter. My work at exposing a right wing militia leader in Northwest Georgia led to my being tipped off about a group of political vandals pretending to interfere with a failed recall process in Wisconsin, which led to my learning about Andrew Breitbart's orders to his gang of criminals compelling them to bring down a progressive thorn in their collective sides.

So, for the sake of clarity, let's take these events in the order of occurrence.

Let's start with the saga of Bill Looman.

Part 1: Is Bill Looman running a
personal militia fiefdom in Georgia?
Bill Schmalfeldt, Baltimore Liberal Examiner

November 26, 2011

The satellite view shows what appears to be an underdeveloped, rugged, ill-kept development just to the south of I-20 snug up against the border between Georgia and Alabama. It's known as the Beaver Run Subdivision. It's fair to say Beaver Run has been a troubled, contentious community since day one.

The actual creation of the Beaver Run Land Association is hard to find in the muddied waters of time. But the founding document seems to be the Beaver Run Covenants and Restrictions filed Sept. 16, 1987. The document is, on its face, suspect. According to the Official Code of Georgia Annotated, Section 45-17-8, a document cannot be notarized by a person who is a party to the document or transaction for which the notorial act is required.

The document was notarized by James L. Frith. He is the person who took control of the property. This problem was apparently fixed by a subsequent Corrective Declaration of Covenants and Restructions that was signed on Oct. 2, 1987, notarized by James Frith, Jr., but not filed with the County Clerk of Courts in Haralson County until Sept. 12, 1991.

The first meeting of the Beaver Run Landowner Association was held on June 23, 1991. Jimmy Neal, who maintains much of the information you'll see in this story on a very well-organized website, was in attendance.

"Approximately 50 people attended this meeting, demonstrating that there was a high interest in participation, but over the years attendance has declined while more lots have been sold and there are many more lot owners today. There were no
by-laws. Paying dues to an association implies membership, which means having a vote."

Neal alleges that the Friths were using the association as a business tool to improve their profits. And where's the harm in that? This is a capitalistic society. Making money isn't an inherently evil thing, right?

Neal alleges on his website that during the 90s, meetings were held every year and that he attended all the meetings. He says that owner Jim Frith rendered unto himself the right to vote for each of the unsold lots in the subdivision, and used that method year after year to vote himself "Treasurer" of the association.

"This meant he collected and controlled the money, he scheduled the road maintenance, and no matter what the board members voted to do, he always did what he wanted," Neal says on his website. Frith would show up once a year at the board meetings, elect himself treasurer, and that was that.

In October 2001, a group of landowners decided that enough was enough. They held a meeting in an attempt to sever their ties with Frith and his money-making operation.

"There was not a quorum of landowners present," Neal said. "There was discussion and debate concerning the legality of a vote for representatives without a 51% attendance of all landowners. It was agreed upon by those attending that (several people) would serve as temporary representatives for
the purpose of recovering the (association's) checkbook and records from the Beaver Run Business office, compose By- Laws and file them, and work out a method by which all landowners can be brought into participation in our managing system."

Donna Sims was asked to serve as secretary, and it was agreed by all attending that the BRLOA would be managed solely by members with dues paid directly to the BRLOA and not to the Friths, and that all members would be contacted regarding the revision of the Restrictive Covenants to more accurately reflect the needs of the community.

The revolution was short-lived.

On Nov. 5, the revolutionaries received a letter from Angie Bettis at Frith's Roswell office. She informed them that since the action was taken without a majority of landowners present, there would be another meeting, this one to be set by Frith, who would attend to cast his proxy votes and do whatever the hell he wanted to do.

This was followed by a letter on Nov. 9 -- this one unsigned -- saying the meeting would be held Dec. 15, and anyone in violation of the covenants or who had not paid their dues would not be voting.

This was followed by another letter on Nov. 21. This time, theunsigned letter said, "never mind, there will be no meeting. The association will continue as before. Like it or lump it."

And thus, the era of official neglect of Beaver Run began.

According to Neal, from November 2001 until a new association was foisted upon the landowners in 2008:

"...there wasn't even a pretend association taking care of our roads. There were no meetings no financial statements, no elections, and above all, no one representing the concerns of the landowners in the Beaver Run Subdivision."

His website includes pictures of road conditions that required the Haralson County fire chief to demand that something to be done to make them passable for county emergency vehicles.

"It is my position that the Beaver Run Landowners Association ceased to exist in December 2001 when Jim and Bonnie Frith overturned an election and undermined the will of the members," Neal said.

According to Neal, little was done to the property between the installation of a new board in 2008 until August 2010 -- which happens to coincide with the four month anniversary of a failed courthouse raid in Madisonville, Tenn., where the Northern Georgia Militia was involved in a botched attempt to occupy
the courthouse.

Jim Frith appointed a new "seer" over his "plantation." The new guy happened to be someone looking for a fresh injection of manhood to replace the shame he must have felt for being drummed out of Oath Keepers as a result of the botched raid where the militia cut and ran in the face of a strong police presence, leaving two of their number behind to be arrested, tried and convicted.

Jim Frith needed an angry little man to ride herd over this group of malcontents.

He found his man. The self-styled head of the North Georgia Militia.

Bill Looman.


In the next segment of this story, we'll document how, with Frith's blessings, Looman assumed control of the association and its residents. Allegedly forcing out folks he didn't like. Reducing the number of black residents in the subdivision to to 0, packing the board with North Georgia Militia members, and creating a heaven on Earth for his militia pals that is a living hell for those who dare to disagree with a tin-plated dictator.

Follow along as the story develops, leading to my discovery of the so-called Operation Burn Notice would-be political arsonists and how my costing them a tasty little scam earned their eternal wrath.


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