It Wasn't Easy Being Akbar

In this series, we've explored the interconnectivity of right wing scumbags -- from the minor league bullies like Bill Looman, the North Georgia militia leader who commandeered a homeowners association, to the creepy little children of Operation Burn Notice. Now, we follow the thread into an area of organized conservative crud.

As the evidence showed the faux-Occupy Madison website created by the dirtbags tied in with Operation Burn Notice was premised on a false claim of 501(c)3 tax status, an alert reader tipped me off to another misuse of taxpayer largesse... the creation of a "National Bloggers Club" in which donors were told they were donating to a tax-exempt organization.

Like much of what these neo-fascists tell their foolish followers -- it was a lie.

We present chapters from my 2012 ebook, "Eating Breitbart."

Chapter 1
The Muckraker Was Ill Prepared for Death

The Muckraker had a few drinks with a marketing director named Arthur Sando, a stranger he had just met, according to an article in the Hollywood Reporter.

“He was friendly and engaging,” Sando recalled. “I said, ‘You can’t like the current slate of
Republican candidates’ and he said, ‘Why would you say that?’ I said, ‘Well, they’re talking
about contraception,’ and he said, ‘The conversation is being framed by the liberal media.’ I said,
‘Well, the media isn’t writing Rick Santorum’s speeches for him.’ We had a back-and-forth for
awhile until we said we weren’t going to agree on some things.”

This friendly debate continued in the bar as the Muckraker sipped red wine, Sando said. “We
just hit it off, he was delightful. There were other people who sat down and joined the

After about two hours of this friendly chit chat, the Muckraker decided it was time to amble on
homeward. He exchanged contact info with Sando and was out the door.

He almost made it home. Less than an hour after exchanging business cards with Sando, Andrew
Breitbart was slowly assuming room temperature on a gurney in a Los Angeles area hospital.
If there is an afterlife for right wing muckrakers, and if Breitbart can see what’s going on with
his empire, what’s being done in his name in the months after his sudden death, one has to
wonder if he would be pleased.

Somehow, we don’t think so.

A whole cottage industry has arisen based on “knowing Andrew” or “being associated with
Andrew” or “having been converted from liberalism by Andrew.” As you will see, not all of
these people who invoke Andrew Breitbart’s name have his legacy as their primary concern.

Chapter 2
From Prison to Power – How’d He Do It?

Life was not easy for young Ali Akbar. Son of a single mother. Two younger brothers at home.
At first glance, this is easily a story that looks like it will have an unhappy ending.

So, how does young Akbar go from being convicted for stealing from a woman, breaking into a
van, stealing and using a debit card; to becoming a top operative in the Young Republican Party
movement, all in the span of slightly more than five years?

According to a series of copyrighted stories in my news blog, “The Patriot-Ombudsman” there is
a paper trail that connects the dots from the dark days in Fort Worth to being listed as one of the
stars at a “Beat Barack Obama” rally, July 4.

Working with another writer at the blog "Breitbart Unmasked" (named after the deceased
conservative muckraker Andrew Breitbart who died on March 1, 2012), we discovered that Ali
Akbar was a key player in the creation of an organization called “The National Bloggers Club,Inc.” which -- at that time -- advertised itself as a 501(c)(3) organization, meaning if you
donated money to them, you could file a tax deduction. The organization was ostensibly created
to provide legal funds for Aaron Walker, a lawyer who claimed he was under attack by Brett
Kimberlin, the convicted “Speedway Bomber” whose series of bombings in the late 70s injured
one person so severely, he used it as a reason to take his own life years later. Since being
released from jail, Kimberlin has allegedly turned his interests toward progressive causes.
Walker and other right wing bloggers -- led at the time by Breitbart -- launched a campaign
against Kimberlin.

But rather than get too far into the weeds here, you can read more about this war between
Kimberlin and Walker elsewhere. Ali Akbar, as founder and CEO of an agency called Vice andVictory, decided to form the National Bloggers Club to raise money to aid in Walker's defense
against Kimberlin.

Knowing a thing or two about such things after retiring from over 30 years as a journalist, I
decided to ask Akbar for some evidence that his 501(c)(3) was legitimate.

I asked him to provide the organization's EIN -- the employer identification number, which the
IRS says he is legally required to provide. Not only did he refuse, he blocked me from further
tweeting. And, oddly enough, for several days my Twitter account was suspended.

That got my eyebrows up. Working with the editor of Breitbart Unmasked, we discovered that
young Mr. Akbar was either not all he claimed to be, or was a great deal more than he claimed to

For one, there was that matter of a month-long theft spree in November 2006, in which Mr.
Akbar was accused of stealing five MP3 players, 20 CDs, three camcorders, two DVD players,
one back massager, one clock, four shirts, two belts and a piece of luggage from a person in
Tarrant County, Texas. (Indictment # 1052509)

Then, there was the matter of breaking into a van on December 5, 2006, with the intent to
commit theft. (Tarrant County Case #1080568)

Then, we have the slight problem of Mr. Akbar's attempt to fraudulently use a debit card he
allegedly stole during his alleged break-in of the alleged van. (Tarrant County Case #1080448)
When Breitbart Unmasked and I went public with our charges and documentation, Akbar offered
an explanation to his followers on Facebook,which reads, in part:

"One night, a friend asked to be taken to work, but first he wanted to stop by the ATM. I was "the
guy with the car" so after dropping of my other friends, I rushed him to the ATM. He was
already late to work and he had become irritated. He had a bad temper so my goal was to simply
keep the situation calm and under control. He kept slicing the card through, typed in his PIN,
but for whatever reason he couldn't get funds out. On the drive to drop him off he explained to
me that it was not his card. It belonged to his previous roommate and he said the person owed
him money. Shame and horror fell over me -- and it still does."

Odd. No mention of any of that in the charging documents, for which Akbar took a guilty plea in
April 2008, receiving a four year suspended sentence and a $400 fine.

With that episode behind him, apparently a change of scenery was in order for young Mr. Akbar.
But before the plea agreement was signed in April 2008, Akbar had a chance to get involved in
his first political scandal, according to the website Libertarian Republican.

Statement from one of the two witnesses Joey Dauben of South Dallas:

“I sat in on a meeting in my downtown Dallas office and heard an ecampaign staffer with the
John McCain campaign – Ali A. Akbar – openly discuss ways to manipulate, rig and otherwise
‘take’ an election”

Akbar’s postion with the McCain Campaign:

Akbar is the “E-Campaign Coordinator” for the John McCain for President Campaign. He is
listed on “Bloggers for McCain” as one of the 5 Authors. There’s also a report that he’s the
graphics designer, or at least a contributing designer for McCain’s main campaign website. In
addition, he is a campaign spokesperson for the Texas McCain Campaign.

Akbar, at some point he moseyed on down to Ellis County, Texas where he did some work for a
news website called the Ellis County Observer.

Meissner worked with an Ali Akbar, who was on probation for credit card abuse and theft, to
suppress online records of his misdeeds. Akbar was an executive editor and webmaster at the
Observer, but was accused by proprietor (Joe) Dauben of endorsing voter fraud tactics. But
Akbar helped Dauben determine via IP address tracing certain posts that on the Observer that
he says were made by his arch-enemy (fellow cop John) Hoskins. And even though Dauben is
alleged to be in league with Meissner, he published some pretty damning stuff about him at the

Politics = strange bedfellows. Who are these other players? From the same story.

There was a widely reported story last week about the arrest of a “former police chief” named
Michael Meissner who is charged with posing as a woman and soliciting nude photos from
underage boys. He’s actually a gypsy cop who moved from town to town, allegedly leaving
perhaps hundreds of victims in his wake.


Dauben is better known as Joey Dauben, and was the young publisher I’d learned about on
YouTube. He isn’t actually wanted in conjunction with the molestation charges, but on chargesrelated to an alleged scheme to defame police officers involved in the Meissner investigation
— specifically, misuse of official information; obstruction or retaliation; and engaging in
organized criminal activity.

Charges were eventually dropped against Meissner and Dauben, although Dauben was later
indicted in Feb. 2012 for fraudulent use of identifying information while in the hoosegow facingfour counts of sexual abuse of a child.

Meissner? One blog alleges he and Dauben and Hoskin were involved in some sort of gay cop

“Joey’s shady secretive life and dealings with gypsy cops Michael Meissner and Jay Hoskins.
This world involved homosexuality, under age porn production, and falsifying of official
documents among other things and Joey was caught in bed with Meissner.”

The same blog says Dauben was to be tried in August. Meissner alleges Hoskins set him up.
With all this going on, Akbar hightailed to Savannah, GA where he holed up in a nice little
condo or apartment he couldn’t afford. He was evicted in Feb. 2010.

No money, no visible means of support. What's a young Republican to do?

In 2008, before moving to Georgia, Akbar was featured in a Dallas Morning News story.

“Mr. Akbar, a University of North Texas student who is about to transfer to Georgia Southern
University, is spending this week volunteering on the convention’s floor operations team. He
also operates several political Web sites.”

A check with the registrar at the University of North Texas showed that Akbar did, in fact, attend
the university. For one semester. Three months. In 2005. But yes, he did move to Georgia. We
are waiting on word as to whether or not he actually enrolled at Georgia Southern.

But why move to Georgia?

See our next installment.


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