Ali Akbar, Easily Irritated, Acutely Aggreived

Accretion of power. Separating willing fools from their money through deceit. These are common threads within the stories I have covered, from Bill Looman's reign of terror in a North Georgia homeowner's association, through Operation Burn Notice's childish deflections from their failed attempt to siphon funds from a legitimate non-profit website, to the National Bloggers' Club and its scheme to fleece the flock in the name of "getting" the evil Brett Kimberlin.

Another thing in common... the don't like their stories being told.

In our last installment, we followed young Ali Akbar from his Texas jail cell to his ascension of the ladder of moderate right wing acclaim. We continue from my ebook. "Eating Breitbart."

It is now May 2008. Prominent Georgia conservative blogger, “The Peach Pundit” is whining
about the lack of decent candidates to run against incumbent Democratic congressman John
Barrow. In the blog's comment section, Akbar inv…

It Wasn't Easy Being Akbar

In this series, we've explored the interconnectivity of right wing scumbags -- from the minor league bullies like Bill Looman, the North Georgia militia leader who commandeered a homeowners association, to the creepy little children of Operation Burn Notice. Now, we follow the thread into an area of organized conservative crud.

As the evidence showed the faux-Occupy Madison website created by the dirtbags tied in with Operation Burn Notice was premised on a false claim of 501(c)3 tax status, an alert reader tipped me off to another misuse of taxpayer largesse... the creation of a "National Bloggers Club" in which donors were told they were donating to a tax-exempt organization.

Like much of what these neo-fascists tell their foolish followers -- it was a lie.

We present chapters from my 2012 ebook, "Eating Breitbart."

Chapter 1
The Muckraker Was Ill Prepared for Death
The Muckraker had a few drinks with a marketing director named Arthur Sando, a stranger he had …

VICE AND VICTORY: The Story of a Sustained Right Wing Smear Job - Part IV

As you read these stories, one thing should be clear. All three of the major plot lines have one thing in common... they all involve the angry reaction of right wing cretins who objected to having light shone on the things they were trying to do under the cover of darkness.

Bill Looman, the tin-plated dictator of a "militia" leader who commandeered a North Georgia housing association to turn it into his own private racist military fiefdom? He liked it when the media portrayed him as the plucky little businessman standing firm in the face of what he called the restrictive policies of President Obama. He didn't like it nearly as much when he was shown to be a cowardly bully, using the power given to him by a fellow right wing land owner to terrorize other homeowners into either complying with his power grab or being pushed out of the development, losing their homes and property.

My coverage of the Looman story led to a tip about another gang of right wing cowards who were…

VICE AND VICTORY: The Story of a Sustained Right Wing Smear Job - Part III

Bill Looman, self-styled head of the North Georgia Militia, had secured his hold on a tract of real estate that he and his fellow racist goosesteppers would use to house and train their soldiers in the revolution against America's elected government.

Not all the landowners were happy with this reality and Looman apparently did everything in his power to make their lives miserable.

VICE AND VICTORY: The Story of a Sustained Right Wing Smear Job - Part II

In this blog, I will do my best to explain the rationale and the series of events that led to the sustained right wing attack on my reputation. Everything is linked to its original source as we trace the timeline from when I began writing about a local Northwest Georgia Militia Warlord's ascension to power in a rural community, through the ludicrous attempt by a gang of political arsonists calling themselves "Operation Burn Notice" to steal money from a legitimate "Occupy Madison" website, through the exposure of a conservative blogger club's attempt to defraud the IRS in an attempt to destroy an ex-con turned social justice activist.

In Part I, you read about how a Georgia landowner turned control of a tract of real estate over to a would-be right wing militia warlord: Bill Looman. In this installment, reporting from 2011 reveals Looman's reign of terror.

VICE AND VICTORY: The Story of a Sustained Right Wing Smear Job - Part I


Anyone who has ever Googled my name realizes that I have been the target of a sustained right wing smear job. When asked about it by reasonable people, it's hard to explain why a small, cowardly group of reputation assassins would have fixated on me to the point where their serial lies have more sustained bandwidth online than any attempt of mine to counter the false narrative with the truth.

Over the next weeks and months, I will use this blog -- as well as recently recovered blog posts I've written over the years -- to attempt to explain my side of the story.

Compare what I've been writing since 2011 to the official right wing dogma. Decide for yourself who and what I am.

Trump Slapped the Tariffs

With apologies to Bob Marley and Eric Clapton. (Click the "read more" link to listen.)